From the birth of flat profile TV’s like Plasma and LCD/LED, the most exciting concept has always been the ability to wall mount them. Nearly all flat TV’s can accommodate a wall bracket to do this. There are many benefits to having your TV wall mounted:


Let’s be honest, no TV installation looks more modern and clean than when mounted on the wall. It reduces clutter from your cabinet top and can even eliminate the need for a cabinet completely. It also keeps the TV out of reach of children, so no more greasy fingerprints!

Viewing Comfort

The size and layout of your room, the height of your lounge/bed/cabinet and any other obstructions can greatly restrict the viewing height, quality and comfort of your TV. The benefits of choosing mounting height, tilting brackets and swinging brackets can greatly improve your viewing experience.


TV’s can be quite heavy and unstable, making it more of a safety risk when installed on a cabinet. For a household where there are children or animals running around, this can be quite a concern for parents. Wall mounting your TV eliminates one more safety concern in your home and puts your mind at ease.

Our highly experienced installers can expertly install your TV on the wall, conceal cabling inside the wall* and configure your TV for its maximum potential. We can also provide everything required including flat and swinging brackets, cabling, cable management and wall plates.


*In-wall cable concealment is subject to wall construction, cavity availability and height of TV.